Why Rent Photo Equipment?

Calagaz are your equipment specialists


Before you decide to make that investment, wouldn’t it be nice to know for sure this is the lens for you? Rent your dream lens and remove the anxiety from your purchase decision by knowing you’re buying the right gear.

Plus, if you decide you can’t live without the piece of equipment you rented, we’ll apply 50% of one day’s rental fee to the purchase of the same piece of equipment when you purchase within 14 days of your rental!


Low light issue? Nature setting? Sports environment? Architectural? Why settle - use the right lens for the right situation and get the right shot.


Why buy if you only need the equipment a short period of time? Renting provides a great solution for a short-term or periodic need.


Already have your equipment, but can’t afford to be without a spare for your critical project? A rental provides that peace of mind you need to know you’re prepared should your primary equipment fail.


You want that 70-200 f2.8 VR for the weekend soccer game but parting with $2,400 isn’t in your budget? Rent it.

Turnaround time info

This product takes a bout 2-3 days to be gift wrapped, shipped and sent with fresh baked cookies to your doorstep.

We'll send you an email as soon as it's out the door. (Fresh baked cookies void where prohibited, varies by location).

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