Video Transfer

Transfer to digital to preserve your memories


Do you still have dusty video tapes at home? Or boxes of family films that you aren't even sure what is on them? Just bring all that to one of Calagaz locations to convert all this to digital and rediscovered your treasures from the past.

From the following formats: VHS, VHS-C, Beta, 8mm video, Mini DV, CD, DVD, Video files from memory cards, Flash drives and Hard drive camcorders. Each DVD holds up to 2 hours max.

Film Developing

vhs/Video Cassette to dvd

1 Tape
2 or more Tapes
Additional Copies
Custom Editing/hr.
$29.99 each
$14.99 each


First 400ft. to DVD
Additional feet
Additional DVD copies
Additional Title pages
¢0.25 /ft.
$9.00 ea.
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