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Calagaz Photo & Digital Imaging is open M-F 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and closed Sunday and Select Holidays.


Any individual or company wishing to rent equipment from Calagaz Photo must have a valid drivers license and a major credit card. Cash deposit customers must pay in advance for the rental equipment. Deposits for the full replacement value of equipment will be required for all rental customers. Only Mastercard, VISA, American Express and Discover are accepted. Deposit will be made at the time of pickup for each rental item. Authorization holds on credit cards will appear as a "pending charge" and will fall off after 5 to 7 business days.

We strongly recommend against the use of debit cards for the deposit authorization. Each individual bank holds debit card authorizations for varying amounts of time (up to 30 days) and the funds placed on hold during that time are inaccessible. If you do not have a major credit card, a cash deposit is the best option. This will be secured in our safe during the duration of your rental and returned at the time of pickup.



Rental fees are computed on a 24-hour/daily basis only.  There are no half-day or hourly rates. The rental period begins at the pick-up time and all rentals are due no later than 4:00 pm on the return day.  Rentals returned after 4:00 pm on the return day will be assessed as another day’s rental.  Rentals returned after the return day will be subject to rental fees for each day late.


The customer is Liable for any Loss, Theft, or Damage to the rental equipment. The customer shall at all times be liable to Calagaz Photo for replacement or repair costs, in addition to accrued rental charges until Calagaz Photo is reimbursed for the full replacement value of any equipment Lost, Stolen, or Damaged.  When the customer has failed to return said equipment in the same condition that it left Calagaz Photo, the replacement value of the rented equipment is the Full List Price at the time of replacement.


Calagaz Photo reserves the right to charge a fee for orders that are cancelled within 48 hours of the time the equipment is to be picked up. The customer is responsible for carefully inspecting and testing all of the equipment prior to accepting it for rent.  In the event of equipment malfunction, the customer is still responsible for all rental charges and repair/replacement costs.  Calagaz Photo or its agents are not liable for Loss, Damage, theft or Injury due to defective equipment.  You, the customer, indemnifies Calagaz Photo against any liability or claims resulting from use or malfunction of the equipment. The customer has the sole responsibility for checking to make sure they have all the necessary equipment to do the job before they leave the store. All equipment is rented without warranty of any kind.  Calagaz Photo is not responsible for the lack of knowledge you thought you possessed in the operation of the rented equipment.  No refunds on rentals once they have been taken.  No exceptions.


The equipment remains at all times the sole and exclusive property of Calagaz Photo.  The renter has no rights or claims to the equipment.  Calagaz Photo does not have or make any claim to the images produced by the renter while using the rented equipment.


If the renter fails to meet any obligation under this agreement, Calagaz Photo has full right to take immediate possession of the equipment; to make a charge to the renter’s credit card for the replacement value of the equipment; to pursue any legal remedies at the expense of the renter; and to sue to recover any lost equity or income.  In the event of litigation to recover any damages, renter is held responsible for all court costs and legal fees incurred by Calagaz Photo.


Customer shall provide his/her own insurance to cover the replacement value at list price of the equipment for all loss and/or damage.  While our rental equipment is in your possession, you are completely liable for its condition.


Camera rentals include 1 battery, 1 charger, and protective caps only. There is no guarantee as too the level of charge for the included battery. Please be sure to schedule all rentals with enough lead time to prepare and familiarize yourself with the rented equipment.

Accepting these terms of service authorizes Calagaz Photo to: Prepare and submit credit card slips to recover all charges and other unpaid amounts due to (A) failure of renter to return rented equipment; (B) damages to returned rented equipment; and (C) other unpaid charges such as: cost of extended rental fees; cost of returned checks and maximum lawful charge of reasonable legal fees.


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