Reprints, Enlargements & Photo Restorations


Preserve priceless family memories by having damaged or faded photos digitally restored to their original condition. We can fix spots, scratches, tears, restore color, replace backgrounds, remove people and much more! We can also enhance modern day digital images.

We scan your original photo and our digital artists will improve and repair your image. Then we can produce a photographic print of the repaired image that will last for many years.

Finally, your new image can be saved onto disc for ordering more prints or simply for safe keeping.

satisfaction guarantee

Restorations start at just $49.99 for a digitally restored file, 8x10 proof print, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
Final pricing is based on the extent of damage to the original image.
Bring your photographs in for a quote today!

Before and after photo retouching
Before and after photo retouching

restoration pricing

Service Type
Red Eye Removal
Retouch - No CD
Light - With CD
Medium - With CD
Heavy Faces - With CD
Extensive/color photo - With CD

*print prices are not included.Bring in your damaged photos for an estimate.

Turnaround time info

This product takes a bout 2-3 days to be gift wrapped, shipped and sent with fresh baked cookies to your doorstep.

We'll send you an email as soon as it's out the door. (Fresh baked cookies void where prohibited, varies by location).

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