Custom Framing

Calagaz Photo can frame and preserve any print, artifact, painting or memento. With just a little creativity, we can make your treasured memories last a lifetime in a beautiful custom frame. All of our framing is done in-house to insure the best quality and fastest turnaround.


Our framer is an expert in the industry with her over 30 years experience! We will assist you in choosing the right look from our large selection of high-quality frames and mats so you’ll have a unique and special way to share your memory


We have a large selection of ready-made frames and mats to choose from so your framing project can be done quickly and still have the “custom framed” look.


Do you have a blank wall in your home that needs some extra TLC? Not sure how to design a grouping of frames in an interesting way? We’ve got you covered! Come see our “Gallery Inspirations” custom framing wall groupings for a quick and easy way to spruce up your home! Our discounted package pricing includes everything you need; the prints, the frames, mats, glass… even the nails! We also include a handy hanging template to make sure its hung up quickly and correctly… the first time!

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