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Ammonite Press  Tamron Lenses  

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Type:  Book

Product Focus:  Lenses

Ammonite Press-Tamron Lenses-Instructional books / DVD's





Beginner to intermediate

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  • Worldwide, Tamron lenses are recognized for their innovative specifications, superior resolution, compact designs and ease of use. Written by an expert photographer, Ammonite’s Expanded Guide explores the entire range of Tamron interchangeable lenses for digital and conventional SLR cameras.
  • Jargon-free information is given on lenses from the standard, macro and wide-angle types, to special lenses from aspherical APS-C models to the high ratio zoom lenses of which Tamron was the pioneer in 1992, when it released the 28–200mm model (the most current lens of this type is the 18–270mm, the world's first 15× zoom lens made for DSLRs).
  • Also included is information on Tamron's discontinued models, which are still widely sought after by photographers, including the manual focus Adaptall series, which have interchangeable mounts for multiple camera brands, and their T-mount adapter system.
  • For each featured lens in the range there is a special practical photographic project, covering subjects that include seashore and landscape, low light, sport, people, animals, birds and insects, flowers and still life, travel and reportage, and using filters.
The book comes with a pullout quick reference guide to depth of field tables for a selection of focal lengths, for convenient use "in the field".
About the Author:
Andy Stansfield is a hugely experienced freelance photographer and author whose work has been published around the world in both magazines and books. He has photographed a myriad of diverse subjects: from Queen Elizabeth’s 80th birthday celebrations to the wilds of Eastern Europe and Asia.






Calagaz is a family-owned photo store located in Mobile and Pensacola, founded in 1955. The camera shop is now led by 2nd & 3rd generation family members, and has evolved with changes in technology by expanding into three divisions offering a wide range of services from video transfers to t-shirt printing and business cards.

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