Unlocking the Secrets of Film Photography

Have you always loved the look of photos on film, but were too intimidated to try it?    

Then join us on Saturday, August 27th!

9 AM - 1PM
Saturday, August 27. Cost $70

Come find out what the new revolution in    photography is all about! There is a revival of film photography, and    Calagaz is keeping up with the trend. This exciting day-long workshop will    include a roll of film and free processing, Helpful full-color cheat sheets    with information graphics, and a chance to shoot with other film photo    fans. Learn how to load film, operate a manual camera, and shoot your own    landscapes, portraits, and still lifes. 

Workshop includes:

·       1    roll film 

·       Free    developing with prints or scans

·       Printed    reference sheets.

Customer to bring:

·       Working    film camera with a fresh battery. canon AE-1 or Pentax K-1000 preferred.

·       Comfortable    clothes for outdoor shooting.

9:00 At Calagaz store

·       Your    film photo cheat sheet packet

·       Meet    your manual film camera

·       Film    types, storage, and loading

·       Manual    focusing

·       Setting    ASA, shutter speed, and f-stop

·       Using    a light meter.

·       Framing    and Composition 

10:30 at Japanese Gardens

• Shooting Landscapes: big f stop, deep focus

• Outdoor Portraits: using a small f stop, for shallow focus and bokeh.

12:30 Back to store

• Antique Camera Still life: manual focus

• Rewinding and developing  your film.


Oct 21st, 2022
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Calagaz Photo
90 Springdale Blvd,
Mobile, AL 36606

Workshop Outing

Oct 22st, 2022
8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
5 Rivers/Blakely Hall

EVENT FEE: $59.95
Sandwich snacks will be provided at the park.

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