Posing for Perfection


Frank has been in the photographic portraiture game for a long time, and one of the questions he get's asked the most by new photographers is... "How do you pose your subjects?"

Join us for a special, 3 hour workshop to learn all about how to direct and pose your subjects to get the most out of every portrait session. We will spend time in a classroom setting as Frank covers how to give direction to your average photo client to achieve the pose and image quality you're looking for. Then we will transition to a hands-on portion with models available for you to guide and pose, using the lessons you've just learned!

All are welcome, but a basic understanding of exposure settings will help you get the most of this workshop

In this tutorial we will cover...

The most flattering poses for individuals with different body types.
The best angles for dramatic images.
Learn how to pose your subjects for portraits with impact.
How to communicate with your subject during a portrait session.

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