Basics of Off Camera Lighting


Mastering your camera in natural light can lead to amazing images, but learning to use "off-camera" flash and lighting can help you to create the image you want, and any location, at any time of day. From taking dramatic portraits to creating your own "golden hour" at any time of day, understanding the use of off camera lighting will help to expand your creative mindset and give you the confidence to create amazing images instead of just capturing them.

All are welcome, but an understanding of exposure settings (aperture, shutter speed, and iso) will help you get the most from this workshop

In this tutorial we will cover...

How to balance ambient light with Flash
Understanding the various methods of triggering flashes
Knowing the difference between TTL and NON-TTL flash
Understanding and use various portrait lighting patterns
Using Off Camera Flash for backlighting
Choosing the correct Softbox, Umbrella, or other flash modifier for the job

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