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Product Specifications

Vanguard  SBH-100 Ball Head  

Main specs

type:  ball head

tilting range (degrees):  +90°/-35°

panning range (degrees):  360°


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Vanguard-SBH-100 Ball Head-Tripod heads
Specifications Accessories

general information


ball head

height (cm)

Not Available

weight (kg)

0.45 kg

tilting range (degrees)


panning range (degrees)


plate type

QS-41 and QS-43 quick shoes

special features

The SBH ball heads are the ideal accessory to compliment the Elite and Tracker tripods. Thre precision engineered center ball ensures smooth, seamless movement. Constructed of magnesium alloy, these ball heads are very strong but lightweight. An additional quick shoe is included with SBH-100 and SBH-200 for large format equipment. The load capacity of the SBH-300 is ahead of other competitive products because of the redesigned platform.

  • Ballhead body, platform and plate can be seperated.
  • The plate can be attached to the platform with a screw.
  • The platform can be attached to the ballhead or body.
  • The ballhead is available to use with a monopod.

head mount thread type

dual 1/4" - 20 and 3/8"

maximum load capacity (kg)

10 kg





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