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Meet the Team



Meet the Team


Leo J. Calagaz


Pauline C. McKean
Vice President (Photo division)


Joe Calagaz
Vice President (Printing division)




Aaron Pate
General Manager (Mobile store)

Rob Kepko
General Manager (Pensacola store)




mobile store

Sheena Dannelley

Sales Consultant

Natasha Williams

Sales Consultant

Jason Cryer

Sales Consultant

Tracey Beaver

Digital Specialist

Rita Coleman

Lab Specialist

Oleather Gilmore


Lab Specialist


Lindsay Rhodes

Creative Specialist



Tricia Pennington











pensacola store

Wendy Kepko

Sales Consultant






Josh Kern

Sales Consultant


Patrick Gallagher

Sales Consultant






Sharee Keener

Lab Specialist









Calagaz is a family-owned photo store located in Mobile and Pensacola, founded in 1955. The camera shop is now led by 2nd & 3rd generation family members, and has evolved with changes in technology by expanding into three divisions offering a wide range of services from video transfers to t-shirt printing and business cards.

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