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Aaron Pate

Memories are made in the moment. And, as a street photographer, Aaron Pate understands this. Aaron is a candid shooter – no tripods or special gear – just a steady hand and a willingness to snap when the feeling strikes.


When it comes to Aaron, we quickly learn that he is a fair man, and The Golden Rule reigns supreme in his value system: “Treat people how you would expect to be treated. I want our customers to feel like they have received value and a great experience from our services, but also feel that they were treated fairly in the rare instances that we cannot get the exact results someone is looking for.” And when he’s asked why he’s in this business, the answer is simple: He loves photography.


Vincent Lawson

Vincent Lawson is passionate about teaching others about the technical and creative aspects of photography. He has been offering photography classes at the University of South Alabama for over eight years, and is now joining the Calagaz team. We are excited to have Vincent and the new ideas and perspectives he will bring to our customers.


Vincent's love of photography started when he was in the Air Force, and enjoys photojournalism the most. Some of his favorite photographers include Sebastião Salgado, Eve Arnold, Gordon Parks and Elliott Erwitt to name a few. When asked what is the one piece of photo gear that he can't live without, his response: "My eyes" -- Touché! Vincent’s photography can be viewed at:


Jessika Kirkland













Laura Graham













Tracey Beaver


Jeff Johnston

Jeff has been photographing wildlife and landscapes since the late 1980's. He moved to Mobile from Dallas in 2006 and directed his attention to bird photography.


Jeff was the featured photographer for the 2012 Alabama Coastal Birdfest, and his bird photography has been published in Outdoor Alabama Magazine.


His images have won multiple awards in competitions in Alabama, Florida & Texas, including the Power of Photography and the Festival of Flowers contests. In addition to exclusive exhibits in Dallas and Mobile, his work has been displayed in museums, galleries and corporations. Jeff is currently serving as the President of Mobile's "Camera South" camera club and his images can be viewed at:




Calagaz is a family-owned photo store located in Mobile and Pensacola, founded in 1955. The camera shop is now led by 2nd & 3rd generation family members, and has evolved with changes in technology by expanding into three divisions offering a wide range of services from video transfers to t-shirt printing and business cards.

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