The Best Camera for Expecting Parents

Photos of a Newborn thru Grandpa’s Eyes

Written By: Leo J. Calagaz, President – Calagaz Photo

Calagaz Photo has been involved in the special events in many of our customers lives, non-more important than the birth of a child! In our store, we always have many expecting parents looking for the best camera for capturing the memories of their newborn’s life.

Baby Bennett Calagaz

Personally, we were blessed with our second grandchild on Monday October 13th at 9:13 am. James Bennett Calagaz was welcomed into this world by, what else would you expect, a barrage of pictures. It was all about preparation. My son asked me three months ago what I would recommend for a camera for this occasion.  Obviously he had an idea I would have an opinion. It really made me think of what we as a company should recommend to the many expectant parents that we have in the store asking the same question as my son.

Calagaz Family Photo

Cameras today are changing as fast as a newborn’s diaper has to be changed!! The conventional inexpensive point and shoot camera has almost been replaced by the cameras in smartphones. However, while taking pictures of my new grandchild with other family members from both sides taking pictures with their cellphones it was interesting that once I started taking pictures with the camera I recommended for my son there was a noticeable difference in the quality of the images. Immediately everyone was asking me to send them pictures taken with the “real” camera!! People quickly realized that for such a special once in a lifetime picture they were concerned with the quality of this memory. My son’s father in law has already asked my son four times if I will print a photo book of the happy occasion so he can show his 84 year old mother in the nursing home. These images are an important part of our family life forever.

Grandma Calagazphoto 4 (1)

Make sure that your picture taking includes a story from every step of the pregnancy – from the Baby Reveal Party to going to the hospital… as well as the beautiful child and all the family members being part of this special experience. Also make sure that the person taking the pictures is also included in some of the images. Don’t want to leave Grandpa out!!!

Moving InHeaded Home

I know that you expecting parents are waiting to find out what I would recommend to my own son as the best camera to take pictures of my second grandchild and first grandson. Well… come into the store in Mobile or Pensacola and ask for Leo’s choice in cameras for his son and they will be happy to show you which camera I chose!!!

Leo J. Calagaz, President
The Calagaz Group

Leo is big boss over all things Calagaz. We think he’s had a camera in his hands since the fresh age of three. (Information not verified however…we’re still trying).

Leo is celebrating 39 years of marriage with his best friend Tina Calagaz. May or may not have to do with old age or just because he’s recently been blessed with two beautiful grandbabies, but we now thoroughly enjoy calling him grandpa. And with two doggies… also grand ”paw”… (get it? paw? ok…)

All in all, Mr Bossman keeps us on our toes. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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