Confessions of a Camera Store Employee

Lindsey, Calagaz Photo's Marketing DirectorFor many enthusiast, hobbyist and novice photographers… I have the dream job.  I work in a place where I have all the coolest and newest camera technology at my fingertips, photography workshops and classes at my disposal, and employee pricing on whatever images I want to print to decorate my home or office.

For any type of photographer, beginner to advanced, this place is awesome – and I don’t use it.  Ever. 

My name is Lindsey, I’m the marketing director here at Calagaz Photo.  I’m the one who creates all the TV commercials and newspaper flyers you see in the Sunday paper, among many other things where I am promoting something that is pretty much foreign to me and my skill sets – photography.  Nope, contrary to what everyone else “lives, breathes and loves” at Calagaz, I am not a photographer… but I at least like to think that I fake it pretty well!

As far as I’m concerned, I’m a disgrace to the company I work for.  I do a really good job at what I do here, but I don’t take pictures, and the ones I do take, I don’t print.  I don’t practice what I preach, and I’ve decided I’m going to change that.  Today.  My New Year’s Resolution is this: I am going to utilize everything that Calagaz has to offer, and learn how to be an awesome photographer like many of our customers.

I invite you to follow me on my journey as I embark on a true challenge for myself.  This is going to be a lifestyle change for me, and a great learning experience.  I hope that as you follow my progress, perhaps we can teach each other some things.  I am going to post everything that I have learned in hopes that you, the reader, will find new information to help you with your photography endeavors.  And please, feel free to comment on my posts about anything that you feel you would have done differently, or any tips and tricks that would be fun to share with me and the rest of my readers.

So, who’s excited about our new blog??  I am!!