A Colorful Weekend for some of Calagaz Photo’s finest…

Calagaz Photo's Finest Color Run Crowd

In case you missed it, this weekend marked the 2nd year for The Color Run in Orange Beach at The Wharf. Two of our employees, Jessika Kirkland and Bailey Chastang, were part of the crew documenting the entire event for all who participated – and they’re sharing their experience with us!

So, how was it?  Was the weather beautiful down in Orange Beach? 
JK: We had a blast, except we were drenched and covered in colors! I mean, its been two days and my toes are STILL blue!

photo (1)

It was raining the whole time?  What did you do about your camera? 
JK: Well, luckily I had my ProMaster Rain Jacket that covered all my equipment. Living in Mobile, and knowing it could rain every afternoon, I never leave home without it… and this weekend, the rain jacket didn’t just protect my camera from the weather… but from flying colors too!

What did you take pictures of while you were there?  What was the most challenging part of photographing this event? 
JK: I was inside the running course, set-up at the purple station called “Purple People Eater” – it was so much fun capturing people’s expressions as they’re being bombed with purple powder! The kids would run through, and then run back to get bombed again… it was really funny. It was so challenging though!  I was constantly having to change my exposure settings due to it being overcast at times, and then sun peeking back out… all while trying to keep a high enough shutter speed to catch the action. Last year when I photographed The Color Me Rad Run in Mobile, I learned that I should have brought a monopod or a tripod. But, with all the constant movement, a monopod would be ideal. So, you bet this year I didn’t forget it!  I like the ProMaster XC525C because its a lightweight, carbon-fiber tripod, but also includes a monopod by unscrewing one of the legs so its perfect for events like this because its so compact and versatile.

Bailey's Photo Booth Area

BC: I did the studio part, or the “photo booth” with the Color Run backdrop. Sometimes working a photo booth can get monotonous, so I just tried to keep things fun and interesting the whole time.  I asked people to jump in the air, throw their colors, make goofy faces… doing basically whatever they wanted. I feel like I really captured how fun the moment and the event was, which is really what’s most important.  I would say the most challenging thing was the number of people!  The line was probably a football field long, so we didn’t have that much time to get posed so I just had to stay on my toes and come up with creative ideas on the fly. The most difficult thing would be changing the shutter speed based on what the runners were doing. For instance, if they decided to jump in the air, I would need to raise the shutter speed and still be in-sync with my lights. Or, if they decided to throw color, I might need to drop or raise my exposure depending on how much color they threw and how bright it was compared to my lights.

What was the craziest thing that happened? 
BC: Well, the WHOLE THING was crazy!  But, for me… having a 6-year old attempt to chunk a large amount of paint directly at my camera was definitely a memorable experience for BOTH of us!  I freaked out at the moment, but afterwards realized that it wouldn’t have been that big of a deal because not only did I have my rain jacket on my camera, but I also had a ProMaster HGX Filter on my lens, which means that the paint would have come off very easily with a lens cleaning cloth. So, no need to see a cardiologist this week!

There are more 5k runs involving this color mess if you want to check it out… The Greater Gulf State Fairgrounds is hosting the Color Me Rad Run on May 3 and if you use the promo code “RONALD” you’ll save 10% on your registration, and a portion of your registration fee will benefit The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Mobile!

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