Our Favorite Things…


I don’t know about you, but I love to read reviews and take people’s recommendations. When I go out to eat, I ask the server what their favorite item on the menu is because I know when I was a server, I ate at my place of employment like… Every. Single. Day.

I mean, who would know what’s awesome better than the employee, right?  So I got to thinking… we (Calagaz employees) look at and use the stuff in our store ALL the time. Our store is huge and probably super intimidating when you walk in the first, second and maybe third time. So its likely that you’ve missed some of the really awesome stuff we have sitting around here. Or maybe… you haven’t ventured to the BACK of our store where we have a few little gems hidden in our classroom. (Yeah… we have a classroom!)

So we’re going to start posting some of our favorite things that aren’t so obvious like the newest camera with WiFi – we’re going to show you the obscure little items that are a little inexpensive nugget of awesomeness that you would have never noticed otherwise.

So since I just came up with this random idea and haven’t consulted with our sales team yet (hehehe! My evil plan!) I’m going to use one of the newest ProMaster YouTube videos as my first post. This one is about the go-anywhere, super compact and multi-colored pop-up background. You’ll see in this video and hear from a real photographer about how awesome and versatile this little guy is. In the meantime, I’ll be scanning the Thesaurus for a synonym for the word “awesome.” :)

Nugget of Awesomeness #1: ProMaster Pop-Up Background