Why Printing Your Memories Matters

Keeping photos is keeping memories, and an opportunity to leave a tangible legacy for your children and family members. These days, a lot of people use cell phones to take pictures, and that technology along with social media and storage devices are destroying the way we’re recording history for future generations.

There are still ways to print and store your memories to ensure they’re not lost forever, so we invite you to watch our first appearance on Studio 10’s “Picture Perfect” segment and perhaps you’ll be inspired to do something with your pictures.

Every other week, we’ll have a new Studio10 segment which will allow us to share our ideas and keep you informed of the best, most creative ways to print, create and share the pictures you take of your family — and yes, even the ones on your cell phone!

If you have a great idea on how you are preserving your memories for generations to come, share it with us and we may use it in one of our upcoming segments! We’re looking for crafts, custom framing, wall groupings, photo book & album ideas… you get the idea.