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Media Recovery

Lost family photographs, important documents, or your music & videos? Calagaz Photo's Media Recovery Service is a service to help customers recover their data from damaged media cards by using a powerful software engine that has been designed to allow the optimum recovery of accidentally deleted or corrupted files. Calagaz will attempt to restore your media card(s) that are damaged or accidentally reformatted. It can also recover accidentally deleted photos. Please note, however, not all media can be recovered.


Calagaz Media Recovery service can help when...


Files have been inexplicably been lost


Card corruption has occurred


Files have been accidentally deleted*


*The card must function and be in a readable state. We can usually recover data when it has been accidentally deleted, but this is dependent on various factors such as how the files were deleted or how much the device has been used after the files were lost.


If you find that your images have been deleted or your memory card is corrupt, the most important thing to do is to turn off your device immediately and do not try to fix it yourself. Also, do not take anymore pictures. This could further damage your files or make the recovery process more difficult to retrieve any data.


If the data is recovered, you will receive a CD or DVD of all images that were restored. If the data was NOT able to be recovered, you will receive your media back, and you will not be charged. To take advantage of this service, bring your media card to either of our store locations or you can mail your card to us.


Calagaz is able to perform this service on most of the following media & devices:


SIM Cards / Mobile Phones or Smartphones


SD Cards


Micro SD Cards


Compact Flash


Memory Stick


USB Flash Drives


















Below is a list of cameras/devices that are NOT RECOVERABLE:

-Sony Mavica FD100

-Smart Media & xD Cards - Are completely non-recoverable when the format or "erase all" option has been selected on the device using the cards

-Sony Memory Sticks – Will recover but not when the FORMAT option has been selected in some older Sony cameras.

-Polaroid PDC 3030 – Cannot recover from smart media in most circumstances.

-Monalta Dimage G500 - All cards will not recover except for Memory Stick & SD

-Konica KD500Z & KD400 ranges, will only recover from Memory Sticks & SD

-Kyocera Finecame M400R – Will not recover from SD Cards

-Pentax Optio S5i – Will not recover from formatted SD Cards.

-Nikon Coolpix Range – Will not recover when the FORMAT option has been selected.

-Nokia Mobile Phones – Mobile MMC cards are non-recoverable when the FORMAT option has been selected.


Note : The above list is not exhaustive. There are many different cards and cameras on the market and not all combinations have been tested




Calagaz is a family-owned photo store located in Mobile and Pensacola, founded in 1955. The camera shop is now led by 2nd & 3rd generation family members, and has evolved with changes in technology by expanding into three divisions offering a wide range of services from video transfers to t-shirt printing and business cards.

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